The Khialune Wars were a series of conflicts between the Black Company and the Taglian Protectorate. Soul Catcher seized control of Taglios following her capture of much the of Black Company hierarchy on the Glittering Plane. Declaring herself Protector of Taglios the wizard set out to destroy the Black Company. Taglian forces proceeded to wage war against the remnants of the Company in the territory surrounding Khialune. The Company was able to hold on for several years by hiding in the abandoned fortress, Overlook. Eventually Soul Catcher was able to almost literally obliterate Overlook with a specially crafted sorcery. Having lost Overlook the Black Company survivors dispersed into the Taglian underworld. Believing all her enemies to be defeated, Soul Catcher was free to rule the Taglian Protectorate at her leisure.

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