Khatovar was one of the worlds connected through the Plain of Glittering Stone. One of the possible translations of its name is "Khadi's Gate". Khatovar was also where several of the Free Companies were founded. They were sent through the different worlds to find the best conditions for the resurrection of Kina.

Khatovar was ruled by a wizard clan called the Voroshk. They were in alliance with Lisa Bowalk. Croaker eventually reached Khatovar in chase of the forvalaka and used One-Eye's spear to kill her. During The Black Company’s retreat the Voroshk wizards blasted them with a spell, which destroyed their world’s shadowgate. As a result more than half of the Shadows from the Plain of Glittering Stone invaded Khatovar. Shukrat, Arkana, and few more Voroshk children were sent with the Black Company, as Khatovar had become too dangerous. In the end the Voroshk managed to deal with the Shadows, but suffered heavy casualties.

It is revealed to Croaker that the world is not called Khatovar. Khatovar is a series of unexplored ruins which the Voroshk try to wipe from their history books, believing that they should not preserve pre-Voroshk history.

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