Khatovar refers to either: one of the sixteen worlds connected through the Plain of Glittering Stone; or, a forgotten civilization within that world. One possible translation of the word is "Khadi's Gate". The term is used in the first sense by Croaker and those from his world. Those native to that world explicitly reject the term "Khatovar" as the name of their world; they only use "Khatovar" in the second sense.

"Khatovar" the world Edit

Khatovar the world has scores of small moons, two of which collided in an astronomical cataclysm when Shukrat was a young child. The world was ruled by a wizard clan called the Voroshk, who tried to wipe the true Khatovar from their history books, believing that they should not preserve pre-Voroshk history. The Voroshk were in alliance with Lisa Daele Bowalk, who taught at least two of their leaders (the First Father and Nashun the Researcher) the language of Juniper.

Croaker eventually reached Khatovar in chase of the shapeshifter, who was in the form of a forvalaka, and used One-Eye's spear to kill her. During The Black Company's retreat, the Voroshk wizards attempted to kill them by detonating a rheitgeistiden, but Croaker deceived them, and their plan backfired. The explosiond destroyed their world's shadowgate. As a result, virtually all the shadows from the Plain of Glittering Stone emptied into Khatovar in search of blood. Shukrat, Arkana, and few more Voroshk children were sent with the Black Company, as Khatovar had become too dangerous. The invasion became so thorough that Croaker stated it was virtually impossible to find a shadow on the Plain afterward. In the end, the Voroshk managed to reduce the Shadows to one-tenth of their original number. But Croaker estimated that less than 1 in 100 peasants in the world of Khatovar survived the cataclysm, and, at the time of Arkana's rescue, only fifteen or sixteen members of the Voroshk family remained alive.

"Khatovar" the ruins Edit

The term "Khatovar" originally referred to the city/civilization which founded the Free Companies of Khatovar. The worshipers of Kina sent the Companies out into the different worlds to find the best location for the resurrection of Kina. It is later revealed to Croaker that the specific place which was once Khatovar had long before his time been reduced to a series of abandoned ruins by an unidentified rival culture, one which predated the Voroshk ruling family. However, both the passage of time and lack of surviving references to Khatovar had made the name synonymous with the both that world and the specific city/civilization within that world from which the name originated.