Jahamaraj Jah is a leading Shadar priest. He is second for control of the Shadar religion in Taglios when the Black Company first arrives there. His daughter is suffering from appendicitis at the time, which Croaker heals in exchange for Jah's loyalty. Jah informs Croaker that the head of the Shadar religion is hiring assassins to kill Croaker. Croaker has the head assassinated in turn, and Jah becomes the leader of the Shadar in Taglios.

Jah, along with the other head priests, is encouraged to form an army to fight against the Shadowmaster's armies which are prepared to assault Taglios once the River Main's water level has lowered. Jah, along with Lady and her calvary force, assault the Shadowmaster's and defeat them at one of the lesser fords. He then circles behind the main body of troops at Ghoja Ford and harasses survivors of the battle there. After the Taglian forces are defeated at Dejagore, he quickly retreats to the Ghoja Ford with what forces he was able to gather, in an attempt to gather power. He leads an inept band of troops at the ford for a time, but is ultimately assassinated by Lady and her Deceiver allies when she brings her force to the Ford.

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