The world of Hsien was also known as the Land of Unknown Shadows. It was the Nyueng Bao's homeworld. Hsien had two moons and strange animals. Hsien had been conquered by the Shadowmasters in the past, and was where Longshadow resided before leaving to build Overlook.

It was ruled by the File of Nine, which was a council of warlords, who hid their identity. They always attempted to gain additional power but would gang up on and destroy anybody identified as gaining too much power.

The Black Company retreated to Hsien after rescuing the Captured. There they built up their strength, recruiting from the local populace, building a small organized city, and training their newest wizard Tobo, son of Murgen and Sahra. Tobo quickly befriended the Unknown Shadows, which the Company vied for the knowledge to repair the shadow gates so they could return to their world and destroy Soulcatcher. They infiltrated a great library and stole the knowledge.

The File of Nine formed an army to attack them and prevent them from reopening the Shadowgate, because they feared that Shadowmasters might return to subjugate them, and wanted control of Longshadow to take revenge upon him. Tobo used the Unknown Shadows to dissolve the advancing army while the Shadowgates were repaired and their own Shadowgate disentangled from Longshadow's control. The Company left Hsien and sent Longshadow back once it was safe to do so, so that the File of Nine could enact justice upon him. Thousands of soldiers recruited by the Company left under a multi-year contract.