The Howler was one of the original Ten Who Were Taken. He was a tiny man covered in a bundle of dirty rags, known for random outbursts of screams. These screams went from stifled squeaks to bloodcurdling howls full of pain and anguish.

Howler was supposedly killed in the Battle of Charm. However he reappeared after the Black Company reached Gea-Xle. Their ship was ambushed by river pirates, who were being helped by a very powerful sorcerer. Hearing his signature screams, the Black Company suspected their old enemy had returned.

One-Eye and Goblin were no match for the power of the Taken so Lady asked Shapeshifter, who had secretly been following them, for help. Shifter, who also was supposedly killed at Charm, chased him away.

Howler entered in alliance with the Shadowmasters and kept causing problems for Croaker and the Company. He helped Narayan Singh to escape from Murgen. He also unleashed his deadly spells on Croaker's army at the Battle of Charandaprash and the Siege of Overlook.

He was captured and brought onto the Plain of Glittering Stone when Croaker led a scouting mission onto it. He became a member of the Captured when Soulcatcher trapped them in the fortress on the Plain.

Howler was reawakened during the Company's march on Soulcatcher after their return from Hsien. He agreed to cooperate and manufacture flying carpets for them. He was killed by Shadows, along with Murgen and several other brothers, in their unsuccessful attempt to capture Mogaba.

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