Hong Tray was a member of the Nyueng Bao De Duang race, and was their last true priestess. Her husband was the Speaker of the Nyueng Bao, Ky Dam. Murgen, meeting her in Dejagore, described her as:

a fragile flower time-diminished to little more than skin-covered sticks, though an agile intelligence still burned in her eyes. You would get nothing past this woman.

She was the mother of Ky Gota, the grandmother of Ky Sahra, and the great-grandmother of Tobo. One of her cousins was the mother of Uncle Doj.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Hong Tray endured the Siege of Dejagore along with many members of the Black Company and their allies. She issued a prophecy that Sahra and Murgen must be together for the sake of both the Black Company and the Nyueng Bao. It is later revealed that Tobo, the child of Sahra and Murgen, is who she foresaw. She supported this prophecy in the face of intense backlash from her own daughter, Gota, and apparently everyone else of her race as well, with the exception of her husband Ky Dam.

She and her husband were among the approximately 1,200 Nyueng Bao killed by Pal Subhir's band of Taglian soldiers, who were following Mogaba's orders. Her last words, spoken to Murgen, were a request that he treat her granddaughter well. He did not know the meaning at the time. The moment after she passed away, with her husband's body in her arms, Murgen and her grandson Thai Dei rounded up the remaining family and hustled them away from the murderous carnage outside.

Sahra inherited Hong Tray's jade amulet. After her death was faked against her will by Uncle Doj and Mother Gota, the amulet came into Murgen's possession.