Grove of Doom

Map of the area around the Grove of Doom

The Grove of Doom is the small forest in the Southern Continent which is the holy place for the Strangler cult. Approximately 7,000 miles south of the Sea of Torments, the grove is said to be the place where the head of Kina, the Strangler goddess, fell when she was cut into many pieces in mythical prehistory. The Stranglers built a temple at the center of the forest where they gather to perform their rites, which typically involve murder. They assemble there once a year for the Festival of Lights.

The Stranglers' temple has been destroyed many times over the Grove's long history, but the Stranglers have always rebuilt it as best as they can.

The Grove was also visited by the Black Company early in their history. They sacrificed one hundred thousand prisoners of war there and buried them in mass graves. This was done in a failed attempt to bring about the Year of the Skulls and resurrect Kina.

Grove of Doom by Didier Graffet

Grove of Doom by Didier Graffet

The Grove was visited by Soulcatcher and Croaker while Croaker healed from his arrow wound. It is the place where Croaker reattached Soulcatcher's head to her body. It was later visited by Lady and the Stranglers during the Festival of Lights. Years later it was raided by the Black Company in their quest to destroy the Stranglers and recover the Daughter of Night. After Croaker and Goblin struck Kina directly in Soldiers Live, Croaker flew to the Grove on his rheitgeistiden. He no longer detected the sense of menace that had hung in the air of the place for centuries, which provided him with added confidence that his attack had succeeded.