Goblin was one of the Black Company's three main wizards. He was a small man, barely five feet tall, with high-pitched voice. He was skilled in creating illusions and sleeping spells, which made him useful in reconnaissance and infiltration missions. He had an ongoing feud with his fellow wizard One-Eye. They frequently harassed each other with insults, and sometimes would compete against one another with increasingly elaborate illusion spells. Despite the tension, this was how they expressed their friendship.

After the Black Company was recruited by Soulcatcher, their employer the Lady established a psychic link with Goblin, in order to relay very urgent messages. This caused the tiny wizard a great deal of pain and made him wary of the Taken's power. Later he created an amulet for Croaker, which Silent used to track the Annalist, in order to back him up in case of trouble. Goblin also used his illusions in the capture of the young Rebel leaders Feather and Journey.

Goblin by kira mayer-d7bphmr

Goblin by Kira Mayer

After the Black Company opposed Lady, Goblin was part of the group that ambushed and killed the Limper. Once the two sides made peace and killed the Dominator, Goblin and One-Eye pierced his skull with the silver spike and imprisoned his soul there. After the Battle of the Barrowland those two choose to remain with Croaker, while Silent joined Darling's group.

On their way south Goblin followed Croaker to the Lady's tower, but insisted on leaving as soon as possible. When Croaker and the Lady finally had the promised dinner in Opal, Goblin and One-Eye cast an illusion spell on the Annalist in order to have some fun. Croaker appeared like a fire demon, which terrified everybody there, while he was unaware of the illusion.

After the Black Company reached Taglios, Goblin was promoted to a counterintelligence officer, responsible for hunting enemy spies and problematic cult leaders. During the Siege of Dejagore he remained trapped in the city. There the Black Company formed two factions and Goblin was among those who opposed Mogaba.

One-Eye and Goblin by Mikey Patch (Irontree)

Goblin and One-Eye by Mikey Patch (Irontree)

Goblin and One-Eye survived the siege and participated in the next campaign against Longshadow. The two wizards didn't enter the Shadowgate and avoided Solcatcher's trap. They opposed the new political order in Taglios and worked with Sleepy to free the Captured. Goblin even managed to create a trap, which permanently injured Soulcatcher's leg.

It took them many years, but Sleepy's Company finally organized a rescue mission in the Plain of Glittering Stone. Unfortunately for them they also encountered the sleeping Kina. Goblin attacked her by himself in order to buy time for the rest to escape. He was thought killed in this incident.

Later Goblin was found by Blade and returned to the Company, but they all grew suspicious of his behavior. His body was now in the service of Kina, possessed by an entity known as the Khadidas. Under her orders, he strangled Narayan Singh with a rumel and replaced him as Daughter of Night's guardian. The two escaped from the camp together. 

After some time on the run with the Daughter of Night, Khadidas was captured. With Croaker's persistence, the consciousness of the true Goblin was finally retrieved using two powerful items from One-Eye: the spear and the old enchanted black felt hat. Goblin would remain in control of his body only so long as the hat was glued to his head and the spear remained in his hands. After some time relearning speech and the use of his own body, Goblin went on a suicide mission underneath the Fortress With No Name. There, he pierced Kina's brain with One-Eye's spear; simultaneously, Croaker detonated the rheitgeistiden which Goblin was riding. Kina's death caused a massive explosion which utterly disintegrated the wizard, finally allowing him to rest in peace.