When I looked back at the toppled throne I saw the hall as it may have appeared a thousand years ago. Or more. When a band of cruel priests were making the original shadows from prisoners of war. It was there for just an instant but that moment was long enough to tell me that this had been a very ugly place once upon a time, long before the advent of the twelve Free Companies.

Murgen, She Is The Darkness

Fortress With No Name

Map of the area around the Fortress With No Name

The Fortress With No Name is a giant, prehistoric structure that sits at the very center of the Plain of Glittering Stone. Its vast central hall, at the heart of the fortress, is a few yards short of being 1 mile across. It was the birthplace of the shadows and, long before that, the permanent home of the mysterious golem known as Shivetya.

Before the AnnalsEdit

Despite its age, the fortress and the caverns beneath it were actually later additions to the Plain. It was built in an effort to bring an end to the marching of armies between the 16 linked worlds, and to keep the Plain open to trade and exploration instead. The fortress was outfitted with a golem named Shivetya, nailed to a throne with silver daggers, who would use his supernatural powers to eternally maintain control of the Plain.

At some point generations later, the fortress ceased being an effective preventative measure against the continual encroachment of warmongers onto the Plain. A now-forgotten tyrant from one of the worlds marched many millions of soldiers throughout the Plain in an effort to conquer all 16 worlds. In response, a “band of cruel priests" from one of the victimized worlds sought to shut down the Plain forever. They created the shadows in the main hall of the Fortress, and the horrible entities infested the Plain. Their raw material was a massive number of prisoners from their enemy’s armies. Their effort succeeded, and sorcerers created the 16 shadowgates to seal off the entryways onto the Plain, trapping the ageless shadows there for millennia.

Books of Glittering StoneEdit

Soulcatcher was the first in a long time to visit Plain, and during her visit she broke the method with which Shivetya controlled the Plain, causing a devastating earthquake, cracking the Plain, and causing Shivetya to be nearly hurtled down a chasm. The Black Company first encountered the fortress during a failed search for Khatovar, and were trapped beneath the fortress by Soulcatcher within the ice caverns below. Sleepy led the Company back to the Plain to rescue the Captured 15 years later, and worked to set Shivetya back upright in his throne, safely away from the chasm. The frail scholar Baladitya from Taglios records Shivetya's biography for several years until the Company works out a deal to kill Kina and to release Shivetya from his guardianship over the Plain. Shivetya helps them achieve the death of Kina, and in return trades bodies with Croaker.

Within the fortress is a scale model of the entire Plain (or so the Annalist believes), from which the guardian can keep watch over the entire apparatus.