Fortress With No Name

Map of the area around the Fortress With No Name

The Fortress With No Name was a giant structure that sits at the very center of the Plain of Glittering Stone.

It was built to protect trade routes through the Plain and the golem within who controlled the Plain.

The golem was named Shivetya, and he had controlled the Plain for thousands of years. Most recently, he had been nailed to his throne with silver daggers, and was trapped there. Soulcatcher was the first in a long time to visit Plain, and during her visit she broke the method with which Shivetya controlled the Plain, causing a devastating earthquake, cracking the Plain, and causing Shivetya to be nearly hurtled down a chasm. The Black Company first encountered the fortress on a scouting mission onto the Plain, and were captured thereby Soulcatcher within the ice caverns below. Sleepy led the Company back to the Plain to rescue the Captured, and worked to set Shivetya back upright in his throne, safely away from the chasm. The Company works out a deal to kill Kina and release Shivetya from his guardianship over the Plain. Shivetya helps them achieve the death of Kina, and in return trades bodies with Croaker.

Within the fortress is a scale model of the entire Plain (or so the Annalist believes), from which the guardian can keep watch over the entire thing.