The province of Forsberg

Forsberg is the northernmost province of The Lady's Empire. It borders the Barrowland to the north and the Salient to the south. The language spoken by those in Forsberg is known as Forsberger.

Oar Edit

Oar is Forsberg's capital and largest city.

During the Silver Spike incident the Empire quarantined the city; men could come in but they were not allowed out. The Limper, having looted the city just prior to the incident, and the influx of fortune-seekers looking for the Silver Spike put a strain on the city's infrastructure. These squalid conditions led to an outbreak of cholera.

Fortress At Deal Edit

The Fortress at Deal was at the southern point of the Salient, an open triangle of mountains. The Black Company occupied the fortress for a winter, during which they continued to decimate Rebel operations in the vicinity. The fortress was abandoned shortly thereafter and was slowly carted away, stone by stone, by the farmers nearby.