The province of Forsberg

Forsberg is the northernmost province of the Lady's Empire. Before that it has been its own independent kingdom. It borders the Great Forest to the north and the Salient to the south. Oar is Forsberg's capital and largest city. The next most important location was Deal, the site of a major fortress not far south of Oar. The language spoken by those native to the province is known as Forsberger.

The Black CompanyEdit

Forsberg was a hotbed of Rebel activity early in the war against the Lady's Empire. Croaker records: "that one-time kingdom had become a bloody killing-ground". The general Raker was the driving force for much of the Rebel success in the province. His military acumen caused the Imperial general in the province, the Taken called the Limper, to eventually lose all of Forsberg.

The Silver SpikeEdit

During The Silver Spike, Oar and many other places in Forsberg were sacked by the Limper and Toadkiller Dog, and their ragtag force consisting primarily of savages from the Great Forest.

The Empire later quarantined Oar when it was revealed that the silver spike was hidden somewhere within its walls; people could come in, but they were not allowed out. The influx of fortune-seekers looking for the silver spike put a strain on the city's infrastructure. These squalid conditions led to an outbreak of cholera which would claim many lives, including Old Man Fish. The Limper himself returned to Oar all the way from the Temple of Travellers' Repose in the Southern Continent.