Flying carpets were the fastest method of travel known, but were extremely costly to make and required skilled sorcery to operate. For centuries, they were used exclusively by the Ten Who Were Taken, then during the last years of The Lady's Empire, they were also used extensively by New Taken). Then, during the war between the Empire and Darling's forces, flying carpets were heavily modified with aerodynamic levers and flaps to allow non-wizards to operate them in controlled free-fall.

The Howler was the most prolific creator of flying carpets, and the best pilot among the Ten. Among the New Taken, it was Benefice who was most admired by the Lady regarding his skill with the carpets. Passengers on carpets needed to be restrained, or were warned to remain as motionless as possible, to prevent unbalancing the sensitive apparatus entirely.

Members of the Black Company were flown on carpets on several occasions, Croaker most commonly. Croaker's first ride on a carpet was also the first time he had seen one, allowing him to finally realize how the Taken were traversing considerable distances more quickly than anyone else. During his first flight, he was a passenger alongside Raven on Soulcatcher's carpet. They flew out to conduct their ambush of Whisper (the most prominent and dangerous of the Circle of Eighteen) and the Limper, a traitorous member of the Taken who was meeting her in secret.