Fireball projectors were an invention of Lady during the campaigns of the south. They were used extensively to fight the Shadows of Longshadow both before, during, and after the Siege of Overlook, the crows of Soulcatcher, and were even used to limited success against human enemies. Lady employs a fireball projector during the fight with Lisa Daele Bowalk, albeit unsuccessfully.  

Construction and Development Edit

Lady began acquiring vast amounts of bamboo while the Company was headquartered in Taglios. This served a double purpose, as it confounded her enemies as well as providing her with a strong sorcerous weapon in the upcoming fight against Longshadow and the traitor Mogaba, who had recently changed sides after the Siege of Dejagore. One-Eye was responsible for administering the vast armories of Lady, as revealed by Murgen during one of his ghost walks. Originally, the weapons could only be employed to fight the Shadows of the enemy, as they were wildly inaccurate and had some sort of homing effect on Shadows.

Eventually, the weapons were developed and improved by the hands of the Company engineers Cletus, Longinus, and Loftus.  These developments vastly improved their range and overall firepower, and became wildly useful weapons during the Siege of Overlook. The new weapons could accurately hit targets kilometers away with devastating force.

Uses Edit

The weapons were so wildly useful that from their inception through the voyage to the Land of Unknown Shadows, the Company continued to both carry and construct more of the weapons.