Father Tree, also known as Old Father Tree, was a deity in the form of a tree. Its height was around 7 meters. It was located in the center on the Plain of Fear. The Old Father Tree was once summoned to imprison a powerful tyrant similar to the Dominator. It was worshiped by the tribes of the Plain of Fear. It also commanded all the unique life-forms in the Plain. It was believed that the Tree was responsible for the creation of those peculiar creatures and for the strange reality-distorting storms.

The Old Father Tree supported Darling's cause and commanded the creatures of the Plain to serve her. He also protected The Lady from Toadkiller Dog's attacks and converted Tracker in his service. As a response to Croaker's plea for help against the Dominator, the god provided him with its seed. After the Dominator was defeated, his spirit was imprisoned in a the Silver Spike, which was driven into the trunk of the scion of the Old Father Tree, planted in the Barrowland.

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