Elmo Kragler was an experienced sergeant of the Black Company prior to and during the Books of the North. He was a long-standing, respected member and he sponsored the membership of Croaker. Croaker considered Elmo to be his best friend among all of the Company's members. Elmo's surname, Kragler, is mentioned only once by Croaker, in his annals for the events of "Tides Elba".

The Black CompanyEdit

Elmo was serving with the Company during their contract with the Red Syndic of Beryl, the oldest of the Jewel Cities and a major harbor city on the Southern Continent. He survived the chaotic events there, and made the trip across the Sea of Torments aboard Soulcatcher's giant galley, The Dark Wings, to Opal. Now in the service to the Lady's Empire, Elmo participated in many of the military actions in Forsberg, the Salient, and other locations. In one incident, he flogged a disrespectful corporal courier from the Limper's army who was held down by Otto and Crispin.

"Tides Elba"Edit

Elmo led the raid into the Temple of Occupoa of Aloe during which the Company captured Tides Elba. His subordinates during this action were Goblin, Silent, Tuco, and Reams, and they were accompanied by Croaker. During this otherwise bloodless event, Elmo broke the arm of a local boy who was attempting to steal from the Temple's poor box.

Shadows LingerEdit

Elmo served as second-in-command of the Black Company after the death of the Captain through the end of their time as soldiers of Darling's Rebel movement.

"Shaggy Dog Bridge"Edit

The sergeant was in command of the advance team which marched ahead of the main body of the Black Company during "Shaggy Dog Bridge". His subordinates included Rusty, Robin, Whittle, Zeb the archer, and the wizard One-Eye. Croaker insinuated himself into the group without Elmo's knowledge, which angered him when he discovered it. (Croaker was too valuable a resource to be in a recon group, and he was not as fit as the other men.) When Blind Emon battles the Lady's Taken in an explosive airborne fight, Elmo orders everyone to flee given the excessive danger.

The White RoseEdit

During the Battle of the Barrowland, Elmo was slain alongside the Lieutenant by the Dominator in hand-to-hand combat. Of all the Company brothers killed that day, Croaker mourned the death of Elmo the most.

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