Dhanda Presh

The Dhanda Presh mountain range

The Dhanda Presh is a long, inhospitable mountain range that splits the lower half of the southern continent. Starting in the far southwest, the Dhanda Presh curve northeast and separate the Shadowlands from the lands of Dejagore and Taglios.

North sideEdit

In the far southeast, on the northern side of the mountains, the harsh ocean winds scour the land until stopped by the Dhanda Presh. These winds do not bring moisture, however, and the result is the large barren desert of Shindai Kus.

Continuing northeast the land gets hilly around the territory of Dejagore. Further east is the Naghir River, which flows from the Dhanda Presh until it meets the River Main. On the other side of the river the range curves north, forming the eastern border of the southlands.

The Dhanda Presh only has one easily accessible pass, at Charandapresh, in the center of the mountain range.

South sideEdit

The far southwest side of the Dhanda Presh is not described in Black Company series, but in the south central area lies the Shadowlands. The fertile, though cold, land has been repeatedly ravaged. Conquered by the Shadowmaster Longshadow, the land and its inhabitants were brutally governed. The invasion by the Taglian army led by the Black Company worsened the situation, as did the five year-long Kialune Wars. During the following fifteen years under the Protectorate the Shadowlands were almost completely ignored, only to suffer again when the resurgent Black Company returned from the Plain of Glittering Stone. The result was a bleak, depopulated land, where many villages were overgrown.

Nothing is known about what lies to the far east of the mountain range.