Map of the lands around Dejagore

Dejagore (or Jaicur, as it is called by those who live there) was a city south of Taglios that, when the Black Company first arrived in the South, had been claimed as part of the Shadowlands. Its master was the Shadowmaster Stormshadow, who actually razed the original city of Jaicur to the ground, rebuilt the city on site then christened it "Stormguard".

Dejagore was constructed by first raising an earthen mound above the floodplain some forty feet, and then raising walls at its pinnacle another forty feet above the hill itself. The result was a tremendously impressive fortified city that gave the Black Company pause during their push south. 

After the Black Company defeated the Shadowmaster's army at the Ghoja Ford, they continue to Dejagore, where they lay siege to the city. They manage to sneak several Nar into the city, who open the gates and allow the freed laborers to enter the city and destroy resistance. Croaker, Lady, Goblin, One-Eye, and Shapeshifter, most notably, assault the city's citadel, where Stormshadow lives, previously known as Stormbringer, who is one of the Ten Who Were Taken. Shifter and Stormshadow exhaust one another in battle, with Soulcatcher secretly aiding Stormshadow. The Company destroys Stormshadow and Shifter as potential future threats. One-Eye in particular involves himself because he believes that Shifter killed his brother Tom-Tom.  

Dejagore is then immediately assaulted by the Shadowmasters and Croaker meets them outside the city in battle. Croaker loses the battle, and Mogaba leads his troops inside to maintain control of the city and shelter from the Shadowmaster's army. Dejagore was besieged by the Shadowmaster Shadowspinner.  Mogaba, while still a loyal commander of the Black Company, along with his Nar, formed a faction which was in general opposition to the original brothers of the Black Company and the Nyueng Bao, who were also trapped in the city. Mogaba assaults the Shadowmaster armies so aggressively that they are forced to reroute nearby canals and form a lake around Dejagore, coming nearly up to the top of the walls. Those inside of Dejagore suffer miserably due to disease and starvation, while the fued between factions increases. During this time, future Company annalist and later captain, Sleepy was found by Big Bucket and Red Rudy during the siege, and she began her membership with the Black Company.

The non-Nar members of the Black Company form a secret warren of tunnels under their section of the city and access the old city below, on top of the which the new city was built. They maintain portions of it to hide in if necessary.

Lady maintains the Siege of Dejagore after she arrives and defeats the Shadowmasters already bedraggled army, to increase her claim as Captain of the Black Company and prevent Mogaba from escaping and pressing his claim. The siege is eventually ended once Croaker re-assumes captaincy of the Black Company and the city is slowly restored to its previous state and repopulated.

It is later controlled by Soulcatcher as part of the Taglian Protectorate. Sleepy and her army recapture it using members of the city who oppose Soulcatcher's rule.

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