The Daughter of Night, also known as Booboo, was the daughter of Croaker and Lady. She was worshiped as the partial reincarnation of the goddess Kina by the Stranglers, who kidnapped her as soon as she was born. Her parents did not even have the time to give her a proper name.

As Lady was involved with the cult and their dark rituals, while being pregnant, Kina shared her dark powers with the girl from a young age.

Years later at age of 25, the Daughter demonstrated her immense powers. She developed a magic field similar to the White Rose, although with different effect. The field converted all men around her in loyal slaves. Aided by a resurrected and evil version of the former Black Company member—Goblin she even managed in a magic duel to overpower Tobo, considered by some to the strongest sorcerer ever born.

The Daughter of Night was rendered powerless when Kina was finally killed. She was eventually captured by Croaker's forces, but that led to another tragedy: the girl tried to strangle Lady with a rumel. Croaker had to stab his daughter with a knife several times to stop her. The girl died leaving Lady in a comatose state.