Darling was a blue-eyed blond woman. She was deaf and used sign language to communicate with others. She was nine years old when the Black Company met her for the first time. Croaker and Raven found her in a burned town, where she was being raped by The Limper's soldiers. Raven killed two of them and freed her.

The Company adopted the girl and some time later noticed that Darling had some unique talents. During the chaos of the Battle of Charm, a Rebel sleep spell knocked down a group of soldiers, with only the girl being unaffected. This attracted some unwanted attention, as centuries before a legendary warrior had displayed the same skills in magic resistance. Raven was the first to react and after the battle he disappeared, taking the girl with him. Croaker and Silent managed to track them down and Croaker revealed that he and several others also had realized that Darling was in fact the White Rose reborn, which explained her immunity to magic. Fearing that The Lady would make an attempt on Darling's life, the Company decided that she should leave with Raven, while reporting them dead to cover their tracks.

Six years later Darling and Raven passed through the city of Juniper. They stayed at the Iron Lily inn, where she also started working as a waitress. Raven has been surreptitiously selling corpses to the Black Watchers, which the Black Company was ordered to investigate. Raven quickly learned who was after him and left the city with Darling after faking his own death. The Company didn't fall for his tricks and kept following. In Chimney they learned that Raven had apparently died, but found that even Darling was utterly convinced this time. She stayed with the Company on the run.

After leaving their employer, the Black Company spent several years in hiding in the Plain of Fear. At that time Darling had reached her twenties and had grown to almost six feet tall. Now known as the White Rose, she led the rebellion against The Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken. Her primary protector was the godlike Father Tree, who commanded the bizarre and powerful species of the Plain to support her.

In the Plain of Fear the two opposing forces had an epic battle. Lady counted on The Taken and their magic, while Darling used the strange creatures inhabiting the Plain. The flying mantas, the windwhales and her anti-magic field granted her some victories, but her counter-offensive was stopped by The Lady's forces.

During their conflict a third force was gaining power in the Barrowland. Darling accepted The Lady's proposal for alliance and their mutual enemy was defeated, however the Lady used the confusion to pronounce Darling's true name, which resulted in the girl losing her power. In retaliation Silent pronounced The Lady's true name and both women were rendered unconscious. Afterwards Darling left the Barrowland and the Black Company.

She had several confrontations with The Limper, until the last of the original Ten was finally defeated. Afterwards she abandoned the title of the White Rose and chose to lead a peaceful life in the province. She married a soldier named Case and the two eventually had children together.

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