The Captured is the name Sleepy and her group used to refer to the members of the Black Company and their allies that were trapped for 15 years in suspended animation underneath Fortress With No Name, at the center of the Plain of Glittering Stone. They were located in a level known as the Cave of the Ancients and were placed there by Soulcatcher and her captive, Willow Swan.

In an act of mockery, Soulcatcher placed her sister Lady, and Lady's husband Croaker, together in an embrace: this was the second time Lady was buried alive with a husband.

List of the Captured Edit

Although Sleepy spent years trying to free the Captured, she was never able to determine the actual number of those who were trapped, much less a list of names. Below is the list of the individuals or groups who were identified in the Annals:

These other Captured were accidentally killed by Cordy Mather while they were in stasis:

First wave of liberations Edit

Most of the Captured were freed as a result of the ceaseless efforts of Sleepy. She and a group of others, including primarily Willow Swan, One-Eye, Ky Sahra, and the Radisha Drah, entered the Cave of the Ancients and were forced to choose a limited number of family and friends to liberate. Croaker, Lady, Murgen, Thai Dei, and the Prahbrindrah Drah were the first wave to be freed.

Sleepy also discovered a small group of Captured who died after being frozen. These people had been disturbed by Cordy Mather, who somehow awakened, panicked, and unintentionally broke their protection spells by making contact with their bodies. Cordy then attempted to flee, but tripped one of the spring-loaded booby traps that was placed in the cavern by ancient Stranglers. He was killed by the trap's poison pin.

The prisoner Longshadow and the unpredictable Howler were not even considered for liberation by Sleepy. The Howler would be freed later.

Others frozen before the Captured Edit

Also trapped alongside the Captured were many ancient and mysterious men, from any number of the sixteen worlds formerly linked by the Plain, whose stories had been lost to everyone but Shivetya. These ancients were placed there countless centuries beforehand. They were covered with much more webs of ice than the Captured, some of them fully cocooned. These individuals were left untouched, and both Soulcatcher and Sleepy took great pains to ensure their bodies remained undisturbed.