Known by no other name, the Captain was leader of the Black Company during the time of the Books of the North. He served as commanding officer since, at latest, the events in Beryl, where the Black Company was maneuvered into the service of The Lady.

As commanding officer, the Captain was responsible for innumerable victories for The Lady's Empire in the North. Through discipline, deception, and execution, the Black Company under the Captain earned a reputation as the best soldiers in the Empire – the ones who would do the best job. As a result, the Company gained tremendous prestige, being granted field command over Imperial regulars, and being assigned to all of the most critical and difficult assignments.

Croaker described the Captain as one of the Company's more enigmatic figures; a man who seemed to have successfully severed all connection with his past. Through all of Croaker's annals, he managed to discover little about the Captain beyond his direct mannerisms; a bear-like demeanor and way of movement, and a level of determination that seemed to match the Black Company's long trek through history.

Despite his years of excellent service, the Captain and the Black Company were still seen as targets by the Ten Who Were Taken during the Battle of Juniper. The Captain managed to successfully send away most of the Company's senior membership who had knowledge dangerous to the Taken prior to the battle's climax. The Captain himself fled Juniper by stealing The Lady's flying carpet. He was somehow able to pilot the craft – and deny it to its master – but crashed into the sound and was lost several hundred meters from the fleeing Company ship.

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