Bomanz, born Seth Chalk, was the wizard who was credited with releasing The Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken. After the return of The Lady, and the establishment of her new Empire, Bomanz was regarded with disdain for releasing an evil that he could not control back into the world. He was, in reality, a good man who was used by The Lady and Resurrectionists alike.

Life in the Barrowland Edit

Bomanz lived in the small military town on the outskirts of the Barrowland with his wife Jasmine. He masqueraded as an antiquities dealer who spent his time digging around the barrows for Domination-era artifacts. His true mission in life was to map out the barrows, allowing him to astrally project himself into the Great Barrow and learn long lost secrets of magic and history from The Lady herself. He was convinced that he had a safeguard, The Lady's true name, and spoke her native language, TelleKurre.

After decades of mapping the Barrows, and coming to a dead end in figuring out safe paths to the center, Bomanz was close to giving up his life's work. However, a visit from his son Stancil (his only child) provided the help he needed in completing his goals. At his son's urging, he placed his body into a deep slumber and his spirit walked into the Barrowland. He made it all the way to the center, and spoke with The Lady who had been subtly guiding his progress over the course of many years. He held the knowledge of her true name, which he believed to be Ardath, over her but she seemed more amused than frightened. The weak connection to his body allowed him to overhear the conversation that Stancil was having in the room with his friends. Stancil was secretly a Resurrectionist, a group who wished to release the Dominator and return to the black age of the Domination.

Concerned for his life, and his son, Bomanz rushed back to his body. Failing to follow proper safe passages, he unintentionally created an opening for Tokar to awaken the prisoners beneath. Back in his body, Bomanz stated to Stancil and his son's fiancée Glory that he would attempt to undo the damage. However Stancil and Glory drew knives and went to kill him, revealing they were Resurrectionists. Failing to talk sense into his son, Bomanz was forced to kill both Glory and Stancil. He then created "a killing sending", a spell to kill Tokar from a distance, but it was too late, as Tokar damaged the enchantments at the Great Barrow. Rushing out into the night, Bomanz attempted to stop The Lady from awakening, but failed in his task, as he had the wrong name. He himself became trapped in the Barrowland, not dead but not alive.

Revival and the Battle of the Barrowland Edit

Decades later, upon traveling to the Barrowland to stop the Dominator from breaking free of his prison, members of the Black Company discovered that Bomanz was still alive, interred in the barrows. In a harrowing rescue effort he was saved, along with former Company member Raven, who had also become trapped there. The Lady immediately showed her dominance over Bomanz by revealing that she had knowledge of his truename, Seth Chalk. Bomanz confessed to Croaker that he was unaware that there were four Senjak sisters and thought that Ardath must be the correct name because it was the only one he had found.  He also confirmed that while the papers Raven had found in his former home rung true, they were not written by him, but most likely by his wife and the young sister of Stancil's fiancée.

Bomanz took part in the planning and execution of the Battle of the Barrowland. When Darling's null freed the dragon that guarded the Great Barrow, Bomanz led it away from the rest of the soldiers and distracted it so they could deal with the Dominator. After the battle, the body of the dragon was found, but Bomanz was not. He was presumed dead, finally finding peace and making up for his great sin.

The Silver Spike Crisis Edit

He actually had staged his own death during his fight with the dragon so he would be free of the natural distrust every party had towards him. When the Silver Spike was stolen from the Sapling, he was one of two persons to feel it (the other one being Raven) and, understanding the incoming danger to the world, sought help to stop it. Unsure whether to look for the Black Company or the White Rose, Bomanz waited to see which one Raven would go after. After Raven went south after the Company, the wizard sought the White Rose and alongside her, the last rebels and the creatures of the Plain of Fear, fought the Limper when he came to Oar for the Spike. Unable to stop the abomination Limper had become during the battle, Bomanz sacrificed himself to buy time for the other to take the Spike away.