Blade was a lean, dark-skinned, priest-hating man of uncertain origin. He was thrown to the crocodiles, presumably by a group of priests, and is saved by Cordy Mather and Willow Swan on their way south to Taglios. He became fast friends with his rescuers and joins them in their travels. In Taglios he aids Swan and Cordy in repelling the initial Shadow Master invasion, before the arrival of the Black Company. He constantly works to turn the Taglian people against their priests, and is possibly responsible for the assassination of the Shadar religious head who proceeded Jahamaraj Jah.

Blade becomes a military leader under Lady and is instrumental to the success of several battles against the Shadow Master forces. He develops affections for Lady, which it is unlikely were ever consummated.

When Croaker returns from being captured by Soulcatcher, he makes his hatred of Blade known due to his jealousy over Blade's feelings for Lady. He defects to Longshadow's army after an outburst from Croaker and is a key general for their cause. The religious leaders of Taglios in particular send several armies against him, with Croaker's encouragement, because of his hatred and persecution of them. Blade cleverly, and successfully, destroys each of their armies.

Blade is present as a general over nearly a third of Longshadow's forces at the Battle of Charandaprash forces and Blade orders them to surrender. Blade and Croaker then reunite, having tricked Longshadow and Mogaba into giving him a critical role in their army, and dealing it a crippling blow.

Blade accompanies the Black Company across the Plain of Glittering Stone. He becomes one of the Captured, frozen in Cave of the Ancients beneath the Fortress With No Name, when the Company is ambushed by Soulcatcher.

He is restored to consciousness by Sleepy and the Black Company, and brought to Hsien. Like Willow Swan and Ky Sahra, Blade is never formally made a member of the Company, but plays a major role for years as a key ally. During the Company's time in Hsien, he is in charge of the men gathering treasure in the fortress at the center of the Plain. Blade is the first to realize that Goblin is still alive.

Blade leads the cavalry forces that retake Dejagore and is then in charge of the garrison left there. He is later called to battle Mogaba's middle army near the Grove of Doom. He is killed there along with many ranking members of the Black Company. After his body was recovered he was buried alongside Willow Swan, as he never revealed his beliefs in life.