The Black Company was the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar and a band of highly trained mercenaries. Their contracts and commissions took them all over the known world, and even beyond into new worlds. They were highly respected and feared by allies and foes alike. 

The Company was always led by a single captain who was voted in by the officers and served for life. The Captain tended to groom his or her choice for successor, though the actual selection was still a matter of a vote. The Company also had an individual Annalist, who recorded the exploits of the Company and kept a list of the fallen. The Annalist was also responsible for regular readings from the past Annals, an almost religious ceremony where the brothers of the current Company got in touch with the traditions and struggles from the past.

Beryl And The Commission In The NorthEdit

In those days, the Black Company was in the service of the Syndic of Beryl, one of the Jewel Cities. The Black Company spent at least two summers serving as his bodyguards against political enemies and poorly trained but potentially mutinous local troops. Eventually, the Syndic of Beryl was slain, allegedly by a loose Forvalaka but members of the company had used the attack by Shapeshifter disguised as Forvalka to assassinate the Syndic, under the promise of safe passage and employment by Soulcatcher, as her troops secured the city and engineered its annexation by the The Lady's Empire.

The Company was transported by Soulcatcher from Beryl to the city of Opal, on the southern edge of the empire, across the ocean from Beryl.

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