Big Bucket, born Cato Dahlia, was a member of the Black Company recognizable by his wild hair. He was accused of theft and joined the Company to escape from the authorities of Opal. His friends were Sparkle, Red Rudy, and Candles. Bucket would become a father figure to Sleepy and probably knew she was a young woman in disguise.

By Bleak Seasons, Big Bucket had become a "pretty fair sergeant". He survived the Siege of Dejagore and became a well-respected battalion commander in the army of Taglios. A male member of the Nyueng Bao De Duang unofficially became Bucket's bodyguard out of a profound sense of loyalty and gratitude, because Murgen and the Company helped saved the remainder of their population. Bucket's bodyguard was Suyen Dinh Duc, whom he rejected, but became close to nevertheless. Bucket, a white man from at least 7,000 miles away from the Nyueng Bao homeland, even learned Nyueng Bao burial rituals.

Bucket, accompanied by his shadow Duc, followed Croaker through the shadowgate onto the Plain of Glittering Stone. There, he and Duc escaped becoming one of the Captured, but at the cost of their own lives. Duc and Bucket were killed by ravenous shadows on the Plain. Duc was killed first, and Bucket took the time to pose Duc's body in the position called "In Respect of Patient Repose", a Nyueng Bao tradition when a proper funeral has to be delayed. Fifteen years later, during Water Sleeps, Sleepy and her party discovered the remains of both men on the Plain and was deeply moved. She realized that, despite Bucket's rejection of Duc's protection, "they became friends when nobody was looking".