Map of the lands around Beryl

Beryl was a large city on the south side of the Sea of Torments. The city was ruled by the Syndic. The Syndic hired the Black Company as his personal guards. Trouble started when a faction opposing the Syndic poisoned a few of the brothers. The Black Company attacked them in broad daylight, which escalated into a civil riot. The riot lasted several days and many were killed.

It was also reported that a forvalaka had escaped its prison and was terrorizing the streets. The Black Company faced the forvalaka, losing the wizard Tom-Tom and several other men in the process. The Syndic of Beryl is killed during the battle, possibly by the Company member Match under The Captain's orders. The Black Company was recruited by Soulcatcher after the Syndic's death. As the Company left Beryl they killed many members of the local militia, both in revenge after years of struggle between them, and to prevent them from following and attacking them.

The next Syndic was a political puppet and Beryl unofficially became part of The Lady's Empire. Future rulers became Imperial governors under the empire and the city found increased stability.

The Black Company quickly passed through the city on their route south to Khatovar.

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