The Battle of the Barrowland occurred approximately 88 years after the the resurrection of The Lady's new empire. Imperial forces, allied with the remnants of the Black Company and the White Rose, led an all out attack on the enchanted Barrowland north of Oar before the Dominator's plan to flood the Great Tragic River freed him and his minions.  While the combined forces accomplished their goal of ridding the world of the Dominator, the victory was a pyrrhic one, reducing the Black Company to a handful of members and changing the face of The Lady's Empire forever.

The White RoseEdit

Following the prior days rehearsal, the Black Company and the Imperials used a strategy of moving Darling's null field close enough to the minor barrows to break the protection charms over each one, allowing them to strike down the monsters contained within one at a time.  This strategy was successful for a large part of the day, allowing them to destroy these lesser minions with minimal losses. After the minor barrows were cleared, focus was shifted to the Dominator. In the midst of the attack, the dragon that guarded the barrow was released. The wizard Bomanz was able to draw the dragon off and keep it occupied while the remaining forces went after the Dominator. The dragon was later discovered dead, and Bomanz missing, presumed dead.

Breaking free of his barrow, the Dominator nearly escaped into the river. He was subdued by windwhales from the Plain of Fear, following Darling's forces at the request of Old Father Tree. Even in the null, and after being shot with an enchanted arrow by Croaker, the Dominator was a force to be reckoned with. Tracker, in his true form, and now a slave of Old Father Tree, attacked his former master. This distraction allowed the rest of the soldiers time to strike at the Dominator and wear him down slowly. Mortally wounded, he was still able to kill the Lieutenant, Elmo, and numerous others. Finally he was decapitated, dismembered and burned with a silver spike embedded in his head. The Dominator's unholy essence was trapped in the spike, and driven into the trunk of Old Father Tree's seedling to guard for all time.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Limper betrayed the Lady and tried to name her true name. He chose the wrong name and paid for his mistake by being decapitated. His body was burned with the Dominator, but his head survived. Darling attempted to help the wounded Lady, but was named by her instead, robbing Darling of her unique abilities. Enraged, Silent spoke for the first time anyone could remember, naming the Lady as Dorothea Senjak and destroying her powers. The now helpless Lady was threatened by Raven, but Croaker stepped in to protect her, shooting his former friend and Company brother in the hip with an arrow.

The Black Company was now reduced to 10 men: Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin, Silent, Otto, Hagop, Murgen the standard-bearer, and three others who had enlisted in the Northern Continent. Otto voted for Croaker, and with no opposition, Croaker became the new leader. His first act was to decide their next course of action would be to return the Company Annals to Khatovar. Silent was released from the Company to travel south with Darling, and the three others were also discharged from the Company. Raven remained behind with a young Eternal Guard soldier, Philodendron Case. Lady, now mortal and without magic, and realizing that she cared deeply for Croaker, expressed a desire to join the Company after setting the affairs of the Empire in order. Thus ended the Dominator's shadow looming over the world, and opened a new chapter in the adventures of the Black Company.

Notable fatalitiesEdit

  • The Lieutenant: slain by the Dominator in hand-to-hand combat
  • Elmo: slain by the Dominator in hand-to-hand combat
  • 2 windwhales: detonated by the Dominator's spells
  • Tracker: slain by the Dominator in hand-to-hand combat
  • The Dominator: succumbed to countless wounds
  • Benefice: by process of elimination, he was killed after plummeting from the sky


  • Bomanz - Presumed dead after fighting the dragon. His death was staged, allowing him to flee south without repercussion
  • The Limper - Struck down by Croaker after guessing the Lady's name wrong and shooting her with a crossbow bolt. His head lived on and caused thousands of deaths in The Silver Spike.