Battle of Dejagore by Didier Graffet

Battle of Dejagore by Didier Graffet.

The Battle of Dejagore was against the forces of the Shadowmasters. It was led outside the city walls. At first the Company had an advantage. They used their battle elephants to crush the enemy soldiers. One of the enemy generals - Moonshadow was also one of the wounded in that attack and was captured and killed with the lance holding the battle standard of the Company. Their men used the cover of the night to enter the city and to eliminate one more Shadowmaster - Stormshadow.

On the next day the two armies fought again in the fields outside the city. They were evenly matched and each consisted of around 40,000 soldiers. Croaker was wearing his Widowmaker armor, while Lady was the Lifetaker. At some point the Black Company's forces were pushed back and went into retreat. Croaker tried to stop the retreat, but was pierced by Soulcatcher's arrow and lost consciousness. Murgen abandoned the Company's banner and took Croaker’s armor in order to inspire the troops. However he was too late, as by that time everything was too chaotic and the soldiers were not following commands.

He was unsuccessful in turning the tide and the battle was lost. Murgen and small group of survivors headed by Mogaba retreated to the city and were sieged there for months.