Battle of Dejagore by Didier Graffet

Battle of Dejagore by Didier Graffet.

The Battle of Dejagore was fought between the Black Company with their allies from Taglios against the forces of the Shadowmasters outside the city of Dejagore. This battle was followed by the prolonged and gruesome Siege of Dejagore.

Shadow GamesEdit

First day of battle Edit

The fighting took place outside the walls of the city, which the Shadowmasters had renamed "Stormgard". At first, the Company had the advantage: Croaker used his 4,000 well-trained infantrymen, his cavalry force, targeted ballista missiles, and war elephants to devastating effect. The defending force, led by Shadowspinner, was outmatched and fled to their encampment south of the city, carrying Spinner who was suffering serious injuries. (It was later revealed that Shadowspinner's power was being hampered by Longshadow.) Then, to capture Dejagore itself, Croaker ordered the creation of a massive ramp, but this turned out to be a diversion. While a storm raged, Croaker ordered the imp Frogface and a small group to scale the city wall, capture the barbican from the rear, and open the gate. A large group of armed former prisoners then rushed through the city, liberating it.

That same night, Shapeshifter ambushed the Shadowmaster who was holed up in the citadel of Dejagore: Stormshadow. She turned out to be Stormbringer, one of the Ten Who Were Taken who was believed dead for years. Shifter and Bringer fought each other to an exhausted stalemate, and soon both of them were killed off, and reduced to ash, by the Black Company.

Second day of battle Edit

On the next morning, a new force of roughly 15,000 Shadowlanders, led by Moonshadow, arrived outside the city. Another battle was fought. They were not evenly matched: fewer than 1,000 Company and Taglian fighters stood against them. Croaker and Lady donned their Widowmaker and Lifetaker armors. Croaker ordered that the battle elephants converge directly onto the floating Shadowmaster to assassinate him, and the plan worked. Moonshadow detonated some of the elephants but was pummeled by the beasts, and then impaled by Murgen on the Lance of Passion. When Shadowspinner's forces (from the prior day of battle) advanced from their encampment south of the city, the Black Company's forces were pushed back and went into retreat. Croaker tried to stop the retreat, but was pierced by Soulcatcher's arrow and lost consciousness (soon to be kidnapped by her). Murgen abandoned his responsibility as standard-bearer, discarding the Lance of Passion, to take on Croaker's Widowmaker armor in order to inspire the troops. However he was too late, as by that time chaos had taken over and the soldiers were not following commands. He was unsuccessful in turning the tide and the battle was lost. Murgen and small group of survivors headed by Mogaba retreated to the city, where the Siege of Dejagore began.