Map of the area around the Barrowland

The Barrowland is a burial ground north of the city of Oar. This is where the White Rose sealed the Dominator, The Lady, the Taken and many lesser demons. They are surrounded by protective spells, a group of men called the Eternal Guard, and even a sleeping dragon. A river, called the Great River Tragic, flows ferociously nearby.

The wizard Bomanz spent over thirty years trying to map the place and find a way to reach the Lady and learn from her to gain greater power for himself and the world. The Lady is accidentally released by Bomanz and she releases the Taken to be her minions. Bomanz is trapped in the Barrowland as he attempts to stop her escape. The Lady destroyed the Resurrectionists movement that resulted in her release, to ensure the Dominator would stay buried, and resumed the Eternal Guards watch over his burial site.

Many years later, Raven attempted to access the Barrowland in spiritual form to determine the Dominator's status. His spiritual self is trapped there after he panics from seeing the Dominator awake and grinning. When he is trapped Tracker and Toadkiller Dog are released. The Dominator manipulates the weather such that the River Tragic swells in size and threatens to tear open the Barrowland and sweep away its protection. The Lady and Darling and their allies face the Dominator and trap him in a Silver Spike, which they pound into the sapling avatar of a god, granted by Old Father Tree.

The Spike is later stolen by Toad Killer Dog and pounded into the Limper's head, which remains nearby from the most recent battle with the Dominator. This allows a form of the Dominator to escape and again wreak havoc upon the world.

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