Arkana was a girl from the Voroshk clan in the world referred to as Khatovar. She, Shukrat, and some other teenagers were sent along with the Black Company as their world was attacked by shadows. She was a minor wizard, who though originally a hostage later became a member of the Company. She eventually became adopted by Croaker and Lady alongside Shukrat.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Arkana was originally from the Voroshk home-world where her clan ruled their world absolutely. She is described as being in her mid-teens and having fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes like the rest of the Voroshk. Also like other Voroshk women, she is noted for being gorgeous and curvaceous. She was known to scowl often. When the Black Company comes through the Plain of Glittering Stone to the Voroshk homeworld, some of the leaders of the Voroshk unintentionally destroyed the Shadowgate to their world via Croakers' trickery, which unleashed the shadows. Arkana and two other Voroshk teenagers were sent to deal with the trespassers, but two of them are quickly subdued and the last flees. Arkana and another girl who was possibly her sister are treated by Croaker and she is taken captive and her rheitgeistiden (flying post) and shefsepoken (magic armor cloth) are confiscated. She is later joined by fellow Voroshk children Shukrat, Sedvod, Magadan, and Gromovol when they plan to join up with Company to escape the shadows that are overwhelming their world without the Shadowgate to hold them back.

Like several of the Voroshk teens captured by the Black Company, Arkana demonstrates an aloof demeanor around her captors and earns the moniker "ice queen" by persisting long after the others have started to warm up to the Company. Crossing the Plain of Glittering Stone, they are introduced to Tobo who assigns a group of soldiers to watch and teach them language, local culture, and local religions before they arrive in a new world. Not long after, Sedvod falls into what appears to be a coma and later dies. She begins to alongside Shukrat borrow her post to Tobo in an attempt to get close and manipulate him. She, Magadan, and Gromovol attempt to escape the Company. They use "feeble disorientation spells" to disable their guards, but Gromovol murders the defenseless men. Magadan is killed, Gromovol is seriously wounded, and Arkana is raped by Company brothers; Arkana withdraws into herself.

Eventually Arkana opens up under Croaker's care, slowly coming to take part in the activities of the Company. She starts to relate more to Croaker, a protector and father figure. Arkana has been noted as being the smartest of the Voroshk of the Company and, like Shukrat, is not afraid to be sneaky and manipulative when it suits her.