Arkana was originally a female member of the Voroshk Clan and a wizard who though originally a hostage later became a member of the Black Company. She is later adopted by Croaker and Lady alongside Shukrat.

Appearance Edit

Arkana is described as being a mid-teen with blonde-haired, blue eyed, and fair skinned like the rest of the Voroshk clan, as well like the rest of the female Voroshk as being curvaceous, long-legged, and gorgeous. She is known to scowl often.

Personality Edit

Originally after being taken hostage by the Black Company Arkana becomes known as the ice queen which persists even after several other Voroshk children join up with Company. After trying to escape but returns to try to improve her situation she is raped due to Gromovol's actions she withdraws into herself but under Croaker's care slowly comes out of her shell and eventually even begins to help the Company. The person who she has the best relationship with is most likely Croaker who becomes a bit of a protector and father figure for her. Arkana has been noted as being the smartest of the Voroshk of the Company and is not afraid to be sneaky and manipulative when it suits her.

Background Edit

Born and raised in the Voroshk Clan who ruled their entire world Arkana knew a fairly easy life growing up. She didn't have much of a relationship with her real father and didn't really like a relative of hers named Shukrat.

Plot Edit

When the Black Company enters the Voroshk homeworld Arkana and two other Voroshk children are send to deal with the trespassers though two of them are quickly subdued and the last flees. Arkana and another girl who was possibly her sister are treated by Croaker and she is taken captive and her Rheitgeistiden and shefsepoke are confiscated.

Arkana is kept with the Company when the Voroshk Leaders accidentally destroy their own Shadowgate while trying to kill the Company with her as collateral damage. She is later joined by fellow Voroshk children Shukrat, Sedvod, Magadan, and Gromovol when they plan to join up with Company to escape the Killing Shadows that are invading their world without the Shadowgate to hold them back. Crossing the Plain of Glittering Stone they arrive in a new world.

Yet to be finished.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Wizards Abilities Edit

Arkana is a very minor wizard. She is only truly dangerous magically when drawing power from her Rheitgeistiden and shefsepoke.

Wizards Senses Edit

Arkana is able to sense and detect magic whether it is hidden or not and using these senses is able to determine the purpose of said magic and if there are any traps.

Spells Edit

Sleep Spell Edit

Arkana may have used this a an Voroshk fortress when escaping with the help of Croaker and Shukrat.

Physical Abilities Edit

Hand-to-hand Edit

After being with Black Company for an extended time Arkana's knowledge of how to hurt someone with just her hands has jumped up to the point that Croaker is proud that she knows how get a point across for practically anyone to be wary of her.

Trivia Edit

  • After her broken leg heals she says she can feel when it's going to rain.

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